The Edge is the tough luxury caravan Australian travellers have been waiting for

– for a VERY long time.

Why The EDGE Should Be Your Next Tourer.

The EDGE signals a new standard in affordable design, quality and luxury escapism. It is

  • Flexible – Efficient

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Strong

It is the little things that matter when you are on the road for any period of time. So we’ve ensured that the EDGE offers not just a great solution for comfort during extended journeys, but also for the quick ‘side of the road’ coffee break, thanks to our Flexwing awning.

The Bolwell EDGE puts you at the cutting-edge of travel in Australia.


ur population has become more mobile with the ‘grey nomads’ becoming an institution on Australian roads. But you don’t have to be retired to take to the road and you don’t have to be ‘old’ to be retired.

Having a caravan that combines creativity, innovation and a little technical magic, like the Bolwell EDGE, will deliver a travel solution that fits with your active lifestyle.
The EDGE was designed with the traveller in mind.
You are no longer limited to big, hard to tow, difficult to manoeuvre caravans that invariably mean compromise – between what you want and what you can have.

The Bolwell EDGE is lightweight but strong, stable and easy to tow. It is cleverly designed with space-saving features to keep it neat, accessible, and feeling spacious. The EDGE is also easy to clean and maintain – and that’s important, because you don’t hit the road to be continually cleaning.

Flexible Travel

The EDGE gives you the flexibility you need when you are seeking to explore Australia with the

  • freedom to stop where and when you want
  • ability to take in the less well known sites
  • privacy of your own ‘home’

It comes with the creature comforts of home:

  • an outdoor extendable galley kitchen with a combined indoor galley kitchen so you can cook inside or out
  • the choice of inside and outside entertainment with a quality audio visual system
  • large tinted panoramic side windows to protect you and enjoy the view
  • security steel mesh reinforced door offering you peace of mind

Efficient Travel

Space has long been a challenge for travellers. Many ‘on-road’ solutions fail to offer adequate and well designed storage solutions – and they are rarely easy to clean.

The last thing you want when you escape from it all is to have to keep moving things to get to what you want, so the EDGE gives you:

  • cleverly designed, space saving solutions
  • quick clean and go moulded interior upholstery and marine carpets
  • quick lock ‘n’ leave compression latches and fasteners

Practical Fuel Efficient Travel

Towing increases fuel consumption. Many traditional caravans are heavy. They reduce fuel economy and require a much bigger vehicle for towing efficiency.

The EDGE is different. It is lightweight and aerodynamic and it has been specifically designed to be towed easily and efficiently.

The EDGE has increased stability and safety thanks to the SureFoot independent trailing arm suspension and because of its light weight, it delivers great fuel economy.

Full Queen Bed


Room to Stretch

Standard Specifications:

  • Surefoot independent trailing arm suspension using heavy shock absorbers
  • AL-KO 2000kg rated axle and 10 inch off-road electric drum brakes
  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised chassis
  • Hitchmaster DO35 tow hitch
  • A fully insulated twin skin body
  • Large tinted panorama side windows
  • Personal security steel mesh reinforced door
  • A full queen size bed
  • External rear shower headset installed in a lockable compartment
  • 80 litre water tank
  • 140 litre 2-way fridge (240v & 12v)
  • Gas and electric hot water
  • Outdoor extendable galley kitchen with a combined indoor galley kitchen
  • Quality audio system with AUX in
  • Flat screen TV installed on heavy duty swing arm mount
  • 12v accessory outlets (internal and external) – handy for plug-in reading lights or for charging your phone
  • Ultra-tough urethane stone chip protection
  • Sandwich foam insulation to protect you from the elements
  • Transport grade gelcoat finish on all exterior surfaces

Customise Your Edge With:

  • Flexiwing® EDGE awning & optional annex walls
  • Bolwell automotive designed anti sway bar assembly
  • An additional 80 litre water tank
  • Additional 12v 105Ah deep cycle AGM battery
  • External rear ensuite enclosure – water resistant, rear mounted, fully enclosed annex
  • Air conditioner – lightweight (20kg) Truma Saphir compact ducted air conditioning with remote
  • Heavy duty stone guard (metal framed with mesh, installed on front drawbar)

The EDGE is built for strength, durability and comfort. All accessories and components are readily available throughout Australia and the EDGE is backed by the Bolwell family name, the Bolwell factory warranty and service agents across Australia.

Fully Equipped

Internal & External


It’s time to hit the road!



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