If you are looking for an affordable way to explore Australia,

– the solution is delivered.

A Five Star A-Frame Camper

The idea of a simple A-frame camper is not new, but the AIR is like no other on the market today. It ticks boxes that other expandable camper trailers simply cannot – because it has been designed by true innovators.

The modern aerospace and composite technology for which Bolwell is world famous has been applied to the AIR to create a camper without rivets or screws. And the body of the AIR is strong – it is bonded with powerful industrial strength glues that chemically weld the material at a molecular level.

And most importantly, these materials resist the corrosion that is a constant problem when touring in the harsh Australian environment.

However, the construction and stability do not steal space or living comfort. The Bolwell AIR will surprise you with it’s spacious interior – one of its trademark features. Its large, wide-opening windows on all sides allow you to enjoy the most expansive views possible.

The most surprising thing you will discover about the AIR, however, is how simple and quick it is to set up and take down.


he AIR is a compact caravan created from an innovative design and advanced construction which makes it both lightweight and aerodynamic. It meets three very important criteria for those preparing to take to the road: it is stable, safe and economical to tow.

And you won’t need to invest in a large 4WD – a small SUV is adequate to tow the AIR, and its compact aerodynamic design allows it to sit snugly behind your tow vehicle, helping you to save on fuel each kilometre you drive.

Flexible Travel

The EDGE gives you the flexibility you need when you are seeking to explore Australia with the

  • freedom to stop where and when you want
  • ability to take in the less well known sites
  • privacy of your own ‘home’.

It comes with the creature comforts of home:

  • an outdoor extendable galley kitchen with a combined indoor galley kitchen so you can cook inside or out.
  • the choice of inside and outside entertainment with Fusions’s Audio Visual system.
  • large tinted panoramic side windows to protect you and enjoy the view.
  • security steel mesh reinforced door offering you peace of mind.

From GO to WOW in less than 5 minutes!

Available in double or single beds

Space has long been a challenge for travellers. Many ‘on-road’ solutions fail to offer adequate and well designed storage solutions – and they are rarely easy to clean.

The last thing you want when you escape from it all is to have to keep moving things to get to what you want, so the EDGE gives you:

-cleverly designed, space saving solutions
-quick clean and go moulded interior upholstery and marine carpets
-quick lock ‘n’ leave compression latches and fasteners.

Practical Fuel Efficient Travel

Towing increases fuel consumption. Many traditional caravans are heavy. They reduce fuel economy and require a much bigger vehicle for towing efficiency.

The EDGE is different. It is lightweight and aerodynamic and it has been specifically designed to be towed easily and efficiently.

The Edge has increased stability and safety thanks to the SureFoot independent trailing arm suspension and because of its light weight, it delivers great fuel economy.

Safe & Secure

Standard Specifications:

  • Your choice of a large oversize 2.1m x 1.4m double bed or twin single beds.
  • Wide opening panorama windows with built in block out blinds and fly screen
  • Extra-large lockable front storage boot
  • An enormous rear tunnel boot – external access to under bed storage
  • Front and rear storage tubes – perfect for annex poles or fishing rods
  • Dinette seating converts to an extra single bed
  • 3 burner cooktop and sink with draining board
  • Large 82 litre water tank
  • External shower headset accessible in lockable compartment
  • 110 litre, 2 Way Refrigerator (240v/12v)
  • Gas and electric hotwater
  • Large capacity deep cycle battery
  • Microwave oven
  • CD / Radio audio system with speakers and bedside controls
  • 12v accessory outlets (internal and external) – handy for plug-in reading lights or for charging your phone
  • Anderson plug connection so you can change your battery while driving and plug in your portable solar panels
  • AL-KO rough terrain axle and suspension
  • 16″ Sunrasia steel wheels & road tyres
  • AL-KO 50mm ball coupling
  • 7 Stage 10Ah 240V battery charger

Customise Your AIR With:

  • AL-KO ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
  • Hitchmaster DO35 coupling – upgrade from standard 50mm ball coupling
  • Impact stone guard
  • Flexwing® AIR awning – comes complete with poles, pegs and guy ropes and best of all, has all the fittings you need to add the Annex walls later on.
  • Flexwing® AIR annex walls package: 4 x modular wall panels / 1 x draft wall.
  • Waeco RV-S550 reversing camera installed in van with car ready monitor & cable.
  • 105Ah deep cycle AGM battery (upgraded from the standard 80Ah)
  • Additional 105Ah deep cycle AGM battery
  • 7 Stage 25Ah battery charger (upgraded from 10Ah)
  • Airconditioner – Truma Saphir | ducted airconditioning with remote
  • Solar Panel, 120W, 8M cable, anderson plug
  • Bolwell AIR owners get the flexibility of a camper with hard walls bundled in with the ease of affordable travel. This allows them to escape off the beaten truck in their own time, with their own style. It is a camper that has been designed without compromise.

Fully Equipped

Internal Kitchen

It’s time to hit the road!



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